PS3 Gaming Chair

Feel the same excitement that real race drivers experience behind the steering wheel

Today, car racing game seats let you experience the same kick that actual race drivers feel behind the wheel. Now it's easy to race your own GranTurismo 5 Prologue, Formula 1 or WRC in your own personal place, before the TV or the computer. Dig up why professional home racing video gamers understand there's nothing like the kick you get when you race with the OpenWheeler PS3 driving chair, particularly set up by and for driving fans.

Compatible with all brands of game racing wheels, gaming consoles and car racing video games

The OpenWheeler racing chair is compatible with all computer home driving game wheels, among them Logitech G25, Logitech G27, Force GT, Fanatec Porsche and Thrustmaster T500. And it's the perfect option for force feedback wheels. The OpenWheeler Xbox driving simulator seat works right out of the box with your PlayStation 2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC or Wii.

PS3 Gaming Chair

A proper racing posture and comfort

The OpenWheeler PS3 driving seat provides totally flexible seat depth, height and angle as compared to any conventional chair or settee. You will feel as if you were in a real car and you will acquire the ultimate driving position.

A telescopic navigation wheel construction

Because of the unique telescopic arrangement, you can fine-tune the game PS3 driving simulator to fully accommodate the hands and feet. Settle in and you will feel like you were behind the wheel of an authentic racing car.

Fully adaptable to accommodate any shape and size (an adaptable pedal mounting plate)

The folding chair is combined with a completely flexible steel mounting plate that you can adapt to your favourite height, length and depth. The home racing simulator chair is perfect for anyone over age 8 and the height can be adjusted from one hundred and twenty centimetres to over 2 metres. Only twenty three kilograms of weight, having small wheels at the front, it's easy to relocate around the home, even for the youngest member of your household.

Sliding rails and easy maneuvering

The OpenWheeler PlayStation 3 gaming chair offers you a chance to learn appropriate cornering capacities and astute racing moves. Factors that are given high precedence in car racing games. The effect is that racers feel in total command Extract time.

PS3 Gaming Chair

To make a general assumption, video gaming chairs are not inexpensive devices. Due to the weak demand, the price of such an instrument ranges between 200-300 British Pounds ($300-$500 USD). OpenWheeler will offer you a vast number of functionalities just for the modest charge of £270 GBP. Top racers from all over the Globe want an ultimate racing practice to upgrade their abilities or just to have an enormous joy.