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Thierry Mugler Angel Forever

Angel Forever was launched by the French brand in 2007. These are about 15 years after the original and unparalleled Angel (1992). The truth is that they generally do not differ much. The flavor is again Oriental Vanilla, but it does not attract the in same effective way the attention to itself. Angel Forever is a variation of Angel, it collects or repels their respective supporters or opponents.

Thierry Mugler Angel

Thierry Mugler presents his first fragrance Angel in 1992. The brand was already established name in French fashion at that time.Today it is questionable whether Thierry Mugler is associated more with the fashion industry or perfumes, which produces.
Vera Strubi – president of Thierry Mugler notes the following of the scent of Angel – it is not a product designed for marketing purposes. Intriguing and surprising at the same time perfume. It is so different from everyone else that some people remain shocked, others are addicted to it.
Perfumers who created the Angel’s composition are Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. For them and for the whole brand is honored that Angel have won FiFi Award Hall Of Fame 2007.
Naomi Watts is the advertising face of Angel. The advertisement is full of softness and fairy. Blue-eyed beauty is dressed like a princess. She is at a huge terrace of a castle. With slow steps she enter a premise, where are hung different perfumes of the brand. Among all glitter and glow, she chose the star shape of Angel, she sprayed on her neck and back out on the terrace. There, she throws it to the stars, where it belongs and happy wink of spellbound spectators.

Thierry Mugler Alien

Thierry Mugler Alien launched their fragrance in 2005. Perfumers behind its creation are Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere. The structure is made up of three main components – solar jasmine from India, wood and white amber. Thirteen years after the creation of the Angel, the French brand again attracted the attention of the world to itself and provoked contradictory reactions. Mugler admitted: “When we created Angel, it was completely innocent act and the fragrance became the number one when you have worked out the Alien, it was a huge challenge because the whole world watching.”
Advertising face of the Alien is a Belgian model Tina Baltzer. The makeup and her hair are unique, beautiful, styled in a more extreme, unusual way. The advertisement itself is a look at some alien life form. Strange sand dunes, stunning attractive woman and a mysterious scent. Thierry Mugler has again tried to go beyond the usual and ordinary and he managed. The advertisement is extremely impressive, the message also.The emphasis, of course, is on the name of the perfume, which is spoken in a rather peculiar way. Wind waves are involved and even a touch of voltage.

Gucci Rush

Gucci presents its fragrance Rush in 1999. This is the second fragrance for women launched by the brand. Michel Almairac is the perfumer, who created the composition of Rush. The advertising of the item is very powerful – a man and a woman watching, touching, kissing, burning with passion and desire. Alternate blue and red hues in the background. Music creates tension, awaiting what will happen to them. The final picture remains bright red, to highlight the brand and the name of the perfume. Advertising face of Rush is a beautiful Russian model Ksenia Maximova.

Gucci Rush 2

Two years after the success of Gucci Rush (1999), the famous Italian brand launched Rush 2 (2001). The fragrance was again created by perfumer Michel Almairac. The new flavor is very different from that of its predecessor. Floral notes predominate among others. Also, the smell does not unfold in a typical three phases – it has aggregation, homogeneity, which reaches its owner immediately after injection. Although both the perfume is not particularly similar, they were named in the same way, because “Good things should come in pairs”.